Vivescence Anti-Aging Science

At the centre of the Vivescence brand is Synchronized Liftometry, a comprehensive approach to fighting the effects of aging based on the synergy derived from combining VIVESCENCE’s spa treatments with its professional and home treatments. This is how the PRIVILEGE line came to be

PRIVILEGE – Age control cream
An anti-aging complex made from powerful active ingredients that support the skin’s natural cell renewal and protection mechanisms to visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness. Radiance will immediately be restored to the skin which will be strengthened and revitalized thanks, in particular, to the light reflectors found in this high performance treatment.

PRIVILEGE Pro Lift – Concentrate
This velvety fluid, which is based on a professional treatment, wraps the skin in a tensing veil and has a surprising lifting effect. Owing to its firming and smoothing properties, your skin will feel incredibly soft. The Swiss glacier extract delivers intense freshness and a feeling of lasting cleanliness and hydration.

PRO COLL4 – Serum
The Pro Coll4 serum, made from tamarind seed extract and fermented black tea, combines efficient active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to provide structure and contour, while delivering outstanding hydration*. This treatment was specifically developed to prolong post-spa results. Face contours are remodeled and skin texture appears plumped up.

Formulated to effectively relay the action of the Pro Coll4 Spa treatment, the Privilege Treatment helps prolong and multiply its at-home benefits tenfold. This intensive anti-aging program helps restore the skin’s youthfulness within 1 month by combining the PRO COLL4 serum, the PRIVILEGE concentrate and the cream, which contain high performance anti-aging actives for increased activity and optimum preservation of the skin’s youthful cells.